Community Conversations with AMERICAN FACTORY Impact Tour

Screenings and discussions to bring conversations about a more equitable future into communities across the country and shine a light on changemakers supporting workers captured during the national tour stops in Louisville and Indianapolis.

Change the culture by showing it on the screen and telling the story Paulette Fair Kheprw Institute

“We think the best way to get to what can be an emotional conversation is to start with the art. Start with the story.” – Molly Martin, Director (New America, Indianapolis)




GOAL: Through our national tour, we are convening community screenings and conversations designed to achieve one of two goals: 1) strengthen relationships between workers, employers and the communities around them; 2) support leaders designing ways that help workers.




  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Indianapolis, Indiana




  • Hosted a community screening and conversation in Louisville with attendees from labor, academia, faith, policy, art, and community groups. The audience of about 200 people was broken up into groups of 6-7 for a 20 minute facilitated conversation around the topics explored in the film.
  • In Louisville, we had 29 co-host organizations that planned the event together which helped strengthen relationships across sectors.
  • In Indianapolis, we hosted our first screening and dinner conversation event with 60 attendees who were nominated as leaders working on labor and the future of work. At the end of the facilitated dinner conversation, attendees filled out commitment cards reflecting locally led initiatives.

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