Reshaping The Future of Work Conversation

One-hour interactive workshop brainstorming ways to build a more equitable future of work.

“We use user-centered design to put consumers at the center when we develop products, so let’s put employees at the center when we develop talent systems.” Kimberly Shin Director at FSG’s Talent Rewire

Goal: Celebrate the efforts of B Corp champions leading on workforce development and brainstorm ways these companies can continue to lead on supporting workers.

Location: Los Angeles, CA (B Corp Champions Retreat)

Key Highlights:
– Hosted a future of work workshop with B Corps member companies.
– The workshop included about 50 companies who broke up into groups to consider the questions–how they envision the future of work, how to restore the social compact between employers and workers and what they can do support workers.
– A lot of the conversation was focused on making sure workers have a seat at the table and a voice in decisions, which the film speaks to beautifully.

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