AMERICAN FACTORY 美国工𠂆, the new film from Academy Award®–nominated directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, documents the revitalization of one long-shuttered factory in Dayton, Ohio, while providing a startling glimpse into the economic overhaul happening in towns and cities across the country — and the world.

Conversations in the Workplace

As work around the world continues to evolve, so do our conversations.

American Factory 美国工𠂆 demonstrates the impact of relationships, technology, and communication on both our work environments and quality of life. Here are some highlights from the film, demonstrating the importance of these issues.


Compensation is a key part of the conversation around the future of work. Discussions around minimum wage and a fair economy are all necessary to create policy change or progress. In this clip, American worker, Shawnea shares the impacts of the wage differences between her previous role and her current wage.

Workplace Safety

Fairness on the job is a right all workers should have. This includes health and safety as well as fair conditions in the workplace. Here, we see how lack of safe working conditions put workers at great risk.


The role of automation is one of the most prominent conversations surrounding the future of work. With the introduction of automation in a variety of fields, its implementation has a drastic impact on workers everywhere. The video here demonstrates how the prospect of higher efficiency in the industrial workplace overpowers the need for employees.


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